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Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey until now little traveled in the realm of education. By integrating The Universality of Italian Heritage into your school's curriculum, you will be a pioneer in preserving the worldwide cultural legacy of Italy.

This exciting and enriching program was developed by the Curriculum Development Committee of the New Jersey Italian and Italian American Heritage Committee. It consists of a Curriculum Infusion Model whereby Italian and Italian American content material is integrated into existing curricula K-12.

These consecutive lesson plans were developed in consultation with the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) and meet all DOE Core Curriculum Content Standards. The lesson plans are carefully designed, inclusive, thoroughly tested, and, beyond question, relevant to all students.

Those teachers who choose to do so will receive ongoing training on effective infusion strategies. Others may prefer to rely solely on the corresponding Teacher's Manual provided. We ask that you complete the Registration and Italian Heritage Curriculum Evaluation Forms. Submission of the documents will enable us to know you, ascertain effectiveness of the Curriculum, and to provide you with newly-developed material.

The AMICIZIA (Friendship) project is a complimentary component of the Curriculum. This program provides opportunities for students in the United States to correspond with their counterparts in Italy.

The K-12 Curriculum is only available online for ongoing input, expansion and review. We are confident you will find The Universality of Italian Heritage to be an educationally stimulating and rewarding experience for teachers, students, and, indeed, the entire community.

Tante grazie,

Cav. Gilda Rorro Baldassari, Ed.D.
Chair, Italian and Italian American Heritage Commission
Chair, Curriculum Development Committee

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